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Choosing the Right Shower Head

Every day you wake up and find yourself bombarded with choices. Do you have time
to fix yourself some eggs and bacon or is it a cereal type of morning? And if it is
cereal—will you be having fruit with flakes or something with grain clusters? Which
option will give you the most nutrients? Which option will make you happy?


Sometimes all of these choices can be overwhelming. That’s why your pals at Baker
Brothers Plumbing want to make the search for the perfect shower head easy for
you. A morning shower with the right shower head will make the rest of your choices
throughout the day easier to manage.


If you’re looking for a basic bathroom setup or want to invest in something of the
spa caliber variety, it’s first important to consider a budget. There are numerous
wall-mounted shower heads that offer an easy upgrade for your bathroom without
calling in a plumber. If you are in the process of remodeling your bathroom, you
might want to consider more technical upgrades such as body sprays and spa
shower head panels. No matter your bathroom project, let’s take a look at the four
basic shower heads:


1. Basic wall-mount: ($) Low cost and easy installment does not mean low
quality. You can find some great wall-mount shower heads that will provide
you with a solid, consistent shower while also saving you on your water bill.


2. Hand-held: ($$) Additional reach and control provided by a 3 to 6ft hose can
make your shower tasks a lot easier. Time for the kids to take a bath? No
problem. Just fill up the tub and use the hand-held shower head to wash their
hair so they can get back to playing with the ducks.


3. Top-mount/rain showers: ($$$) Positioned overhead for a “rain shower”
experience. They can be installed to swing from a pendant or flush-mounted
to the ceiling. Besides the purchase of the fixture, costs of installation can be
high. Only choose this option if you are looking to remodel.


4. Body sprays and spa shower panels: ($$$$) If you delight in all things
relating to your bathroom experience and you recently won the lottery, this
is the option for you. Installed in vertical rows on opposite or adjacent walls,
shower panels provide a crisscrossing water pattern that massages you from
head to toe. Where else would you want to spend time other than your


For many, the bathroom is a peaceful place where they can relax and rejuvenate
themselves. Why not make your shower into a place you look forward to
experiencing? The wrong shower head is the one that leaks and wastes water. Stop
putting off this upgrade. You deserve a better clean.


As always, call your friends at Baker Brothers if you are in need of some serious
remodeling. If you have any questions or concerns specific to your bathroom, do not
hesitate to shoot us a message.


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